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  • ONganic has changed my life by showing me direction of organic farming which improves my returns, my health as well as satisfaction of serving my people. ONganic has provided me a wonderful platform to sell my produce. Also the quality of our produce is good. It’s all because of ONganic.
    Madan Mondal (Farmer, Hanskhali)
  • I am with ONganic since initial days. ONganic gave me a way to serve my country in better way by introducing me to organic farming and helping me to sell my produce which I sow with lot of zeal and effort at appropriate price to the market. It makes me feel proud that in this adulterated world I am among those farmers who are supplying healthy food to our nation. I can work from 5 AM till 12 in night without any tiredness because I eat organic. I am thankful to ONganic for its support and guidance.”
    Chita Biswas (Farmer, Gopalpur)
  • ONganic has filled the gap between us and market, it has changed our lives drastically. Initially we were at mercy of middlemen to market our produce but now its so easy ONganic takes our produce at our doorstep our stress has reduced a lot with significant increase in our income. Thanks to ONganic.
    Niranjan Mondal (Farmer, Nadia)

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