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We could be divided by boundaries but we are bonded by rice! In an era where rice seems to be the staple food of the world, the main factor is the quality of rice. What better way to ensure authenticity and quality of rice than organic rice, more so when it is being cultivated in a country (India) that is the second-biggest consumer of it! Come and take a tour of the varieties of organic rice we have for you.

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Organic Aromatic Black Rice:

Want what’s royal on your table? Black Rice is the way to go! This Oryza Sativa species was known as the Forbidden or Emperor’s Rice since only the novelties and emperors were privy to it. The Black Rice acquires its distinct blackish-purple colouration from a pigment named anthocyanin, which provides its antioxidant properties. The rice also has a low glycemic index (GI). Moreover, this nutty and aromatic rice is inherently gluten-free and rich in iron and protein, which invariably makes it extremely nutritious. This heirloom variety of rice originates from Northeastern India and is cultivated in our very own West Bengal in an attempt to conserve it. We offer the 2 most popular varieties of rice: - West Bengal variety (Kalabhat) - Manipuri variety (Chakhau)

Organic Red Rice:

Black, white, brown were still heard of, but what’s with this red rice? This vibrant looking rice is nothing less than nature’s boon! This heirloom is a storehouse of nutrition, as it is rich in fibre, protein, and vitamins. It also contains a high amount of anthocyanin, which is an amazing anti-oxidant. Red rice is also believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Every part of this rice is of nutritious value, even the husk of red rice is known to reduce cholesterol, so it can be consumed partially hulled. Also, being rich in fibre facilitates easy digestion. It is carefully cultivated by our very own farmers from West Bengal from the district of Nadia. We have two handpicked varieties: - Bold grain (Saathiya) - Long grain (Chingrihuli)

Organic Baby Basmati Rice:

Baby Basmati Rice is our in-house rice. It is locally known as Gobindobhog rice, which is a traditional farmer variety originating from our West Bengal and has been cultivated for at least 300 years. The history behind its name is fascinating to know. The name comes from Lord Krishna, who also went under the alias of Govinda. Govinda was a family deity of the Setts family. Conflated with a fascinating history and fat mobilizing benefits, it is a staple food in most Bengali households. Baby Basmati is an aromatic type of rice, brown or white coloured with a short kernel and valued because of its sticky texture, pleasant aroma and sweet buttery flavour. Baby Basmati (Gobindobhog) received Geographic Indication status in 2017 from the Government of India. We offer both polished and unpolished forms of our Baby Basmati rice.

Organic Diabetic Rice:

This whole grain rice is commonly known as Telangana Sona Rice. This newly internationally acclaimed nutritious rice has taken the agricultural research sector by storm. It is developed by the scientists at Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU). It is now being considered to be better than Japonica Rice, which is cultivated and consumed extensively in Japan, China, and Korea. It has a higher quantity of protein, carbohydrates, energy, and vitamin B3. Having a low glycemic index, continuous three months long consumption was observed, to have reduced glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) levels in diabetic patients. It has a unique grain size and short slender shape. Apart from Telangana, it is now cultivated in many other states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Odisha, and West Bengal. We offer both polished and unpolished forms of our Organic Diabetic rice.

Organic Dudheshwar Rice:

What takes minimal cooking time, tastes great, and is extremely healthy? Guess! It has to be Dudheswar rice! This long-grain, organic rice is rich in fibre, which aids in smooth digestion; has a low glycemic index, therefore a good option for diabetic people; and has an exceptionally exquisite taste. So, it is a mix of everything for everyone! Our organic Dudheshwar Rice is cultivated in the Nadia district of West Bengal. Our farmers being trained in nature-oriented farming use traditional seeds. The seeds are planted during the monsoon and harvested in winter. Since nature is the sole factor in enhancing the cultivation, we do not use any toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We offer both polished and unpolished forms of our Dudheshwar rice.

Organic Blended Rice:

Do you want to reap the benefits of a mixed bag of nutrition? We have got you all covered! Our Organic Blended Rice is at your service. It is a mix of our black rice, brown rice, and red rice. Being a mixed bag it is significantly low in glycemic index and extremely rich in fibre, iron and protein. With different colour shades, it not only looks good but tastes even better and healthier, obviously! Being rich in fibre helps with digestion, protein facilities better cell regeneration, and having a low glycemic index makes it a prime choice for diabetic people. Also, in this mixed bag, the anthocyanin level is undoubtedly high, enabling more antioxidant intake. It has the goodness of all packed into one!

Organic Basmati Rice:

Taste the delicacy an exotic rice can ever offer with our Organic Basmati Rice. It is a significant source of calories with an equally significant source of protein. Owing to the presence of Vitamin B complex, it promotes the growth of new cells and red blood cells. It also contains essential minerals like Sodium, Folate, Zinc and Iron. India contributes to more than 65% of basmati rice production to international trade. The organic authenticity of our Organic Basmati Rice is strictly maintained.

Speciality Rice Pops & Poha

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Black Rice Pops

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Red Rice

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Black Rice Poha

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