Why ONganic

Why Organic?

The first question frequently asked by consumers is that why should they switch over to organic products. The truth is, we eat food that has a lot of chemicals added to it. We pay a heavy price for this in terms of our health and the Earth.

There has been a widespread contamination of food commodities with pesticide residues, basically due to the non-judicious use of pesticides. Periodic monitoring of vegetable samples in different states of India showed that 40–60% were contaminated with significant residues of toxic chemicals, many of which are banned in developed country agriculture. It has been observed that their long-term, low-dose exposure are increasingly linked to human health effects such as immune-suppression, hormone disruption, diminished intelligence, reproductive abnormalities, and cancer (Kumar & Ashok, 2015)

Reasons to go organic are:

  • Organic farming prohibits the use of harmful pesticides. Thus, it is healthy and safe.
  • Build strong future generations as our kids consume chemical free products.
  • It prevents up to 70 different types of chemicals from entering our body that are potentially linked to obesity, disabilities, etc.
  • Helps respect and support farmers dedicating their lives to growing safe food and stewarding the land.

When you buy ONgnaic, you also help in supporting farmer livelihoods and the environment.

Why ONganic?

ONganic has developed a unique Farm to Form Model for Organic Food in West Bengal. Sharing why ONganic Foods should be your preferred brand of organic food.

  • Commitment to quality Food, free of all kinds of chemicals and adulterants
  • 200+ farmers in 2 districts of West Bengal, and excellently integrated supply chain to ensure regular supply
  • ONganic brings to you best of Bengal, including local, indigenous varieties of food that are packed with nutrition
  • A wide Product Range to meet all your requirements under one umbrella
  • Home delivery across Kolkata
  • The local food system that conserves land, environment, health and ensures fair prices to small farmers.
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