Our Team

Our Team

Ekta Jaju

Business Development, Founder

  • Social Entrepreneur, co-founded Switch ON and ONergy
  • An environment documentary filmmaker specialized in direction from FTII, Pune.
  • Goldman Sachs Scholarship Program on Women Entrepreneurship Development from Indian School of Business.
  • Entrepreneurship program at Yale University.
  • Certified Parmaculturist.

Debopriya Bhattacharyya

Agriculture Research & Production
PMhil and PhD in environmental science

Debjyoti Panda

Masters & PGDM in Social Work from V.U. 8 years work experience.

Surajit Chakraborty

Masters in Environmental Studies

Krishnendu Bose

8+ years experience in Accounts and Finance

Rajan Biswas

Food Processing & QC

Provash Biswas

Procurement & Processing

Nira Mondal

Field & Monitoring Officer

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