Farmer Impact

Impact Case Study

Case Study 1

Name: Chita Biswas
Location: Nadia, West Bengal
Occupation: Farmer
Land Holding: 3 Acre

Chita Biswas is a small farmer. His family survives on the megre income they get from farming. He has struggled to give a decent education to his son, so he can find a well paid job for himself in the city.

After an workshop and exposure visit organized by Switch ON, Chita decided to experiment with organic faming. He was one of the first one to do so in his village. He cultivated organic sesame, which grew quite well, compared with his fellow famers who grew it using chemicals. Moreover, he sold it at a high premium too! Slowly, he started converting all his agriculture land to organic.

“This year we have received training and grown organic black rice on our field, which will fetch us 3x the income of chemically grown hybrid rice we used to grow!.”

Chita is now an advocate of organic farming, and many farmers visit him regularly to learn this lost skill from him!

Case Study 2

Name: Niranjan Mondal
Location: Nadia, West Bengal
Occupation: FPO executive
Land Holding: 2.5 Acre

Niranjan Mondal, better known as Neera da, is a small farmer, and director of a Farmer Producer Company promoted by Switch ON in West Bengal. He heads the project on Organic Farming, and creates awareness on the same amongst farmers in his block.

“ONganic Farming has helped revive pride in farming. Many farmers from neighbouring village now come and learn from us! This movement that started in our village a few years back, is fast growing!”

He has a vision to see his entire district turn to organic farming someday!

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