There has been a 200x increase in the cost of cultivation since 1970 (Changing pattern of input use and Cost of Cultivation, M Raghavan). Farmers do not receive appropriate returns for their produce, and often face uncertainty due to changing weather patterns, fluctuating markets, etc. Moreover, the sector is plagues by middlemen, with produce changing hands many times without any addition of value. A 2016 report by National Crime report Bureau suggests that 46 farmers commit suicide everyday in India!

On the other end, Chemical and contamination in Food, and adulterations is a really big challenge for urban consumers.


Organic farming proves an ideal solution, which can significantly bring down the cost of cultivation, and help revive the soil, at the same time have a positive impact on the health. When Switch ON Team started training small farmers in West Bengal in organic and sustainable farming practices, farmers were keen to take it up. But lack of markets and existing supply chain was a big apprehension with these small farmers! Many farmers in the past have gone back to chemical cultivations due to marketing challenges.

ONganic Foods was set up with aim to find a market driven solution for the small organic farmers. ONganic gives farmers access to premium markets, and market information ensures that farmer makes an informed decision on what to grow. Moreover, sustainable agriculture practices coupled with economical viability and specialized knowledge, brings back pride into farming.

At the same farm to form model ensures consumers get easy access to chemical free, authentic wholesome organic food.

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