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Our Farmers

Sagar Khan, ON Farm Executive team member

I have received exposure to new innovative agriculture technology and farming practices. Along with a stable income source I am able to help other farmers like me with direct market linkage.

Laxmi Mondal, Sunderban

Cultivating organically with the community has led to revival of native salt tolerant varieties that had been long forgotten. Through ONganic, we have found a market to sell this produce to an urban consumer and increase our incomes.

Chita Biswas, Nadia

We have converted a part of our land to organic farming due to high input cost and decreasing outputs. We are cultivating sesame and rice this season. We get higher prices and a direct access to urban consumers through ONganic.

Shiba Sardar, Adivasi woman, Nadia

I used to work as a seasonal labourer, but rice processing gives me opportunity to earn additional income without having to travel far.

Niranjan Mandal, Jharkhand

Gochi (red rice) has been preserved by my family for generations, and is one of the few rice varieties that grow in 5+ feet of water. We are glad it has found a market in Kolkata, all thanks to ONganic.

Our Happy Customers

Vandana Mittal

There is no substitute to good health. Going organic is a step in the right direction. Ekta and family are doing a fantastic job by motivating the farmers to  go organic. I wish them the very best in their endeavour!

Manjula Duggar

Thanks to ONganic, we feel reconnected to the very source and responsible for living in consonance with Nature.

Manasvi Kabra

Healthy produce makes for a happy cook. Thanks for giving us such a wide and wonderful array of organic rice, pulses, ghee, oils, honey and spices to create magic with. A range of healthy foods that fits in my budget and adds to the taste of the dish too. Thank you ONganic!

Devansh Khaitan 

I really enjoyed the brown rice. It tastes great and is not too heavy on the stomach. It’s of a different colour and taste than the regular brown rice available in the market, which goes to show the high quality of the product. Also because it’s for a good cause and I know the money […]

Mahima Banthia

We bought rice from ONganic. We trust the people behind the brand for its authenticity. It’s nice and tasty to eat too!


The ONganic wishes to bring to all the finest gifts of nature, with love from Mother Earth, in its pure and natural form.

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