Bringing back pride into Farming

Rice pops and flattened rice from our exotic range
Add a healthy zing to your platter

We offer a wide range of Exotic, Nutritious Rice
Straight from the Rice Bowl of India

We grow Sesame, Mustard, Nigella, Flax
Sowing the seeds for tomorrow

Our values

Seed to Shelf

We work across the value chain, from Production to Processing & Packaging

Quality & Reliability

We ensure complete traceability & authenticity of the organic produce with quality assurance

Impacting Small Farmers

We have impacted 200+ small farmers in West Bengal through organic farming

ONganic is a Award winning Organic Social Enterprise based in East India. ONganic is NPOP, EU USDA certified and works directly with organic small holder grower groups through a seed to shelf model. ONganic is incubated by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park.
Our Products & Services

Organic Products

We offer unique products of West Bengal, including wide range of exotic rices, oil seeds, spices, pulses and herbs.

Contract Farming

We work with companies to grow organic produce based on their requirements

Private Labeling

Provide consultancy on developing organic groups, product selection and marketing.

Our Partners & Supporters
Meet our farmers

Laxmi Mondal, Sunderban

Cultivating organically with the community has led to a revival of native salt tolerant varieties that had been forgotten. Through ONganic, we now sell this product to an urban consumer and increase our incomes.

Chita Biswas, Nadia

We have converted a part of our land to organic farming due to high input cost and decreasing outputs. We are cultivating sesame and rice this season. We get higher prices and a direct access to urban consumers through ONganic.

Shiba Sardar, Adivasi woman, Nadia

I used to work as a seasonal labourer, but rice processing gives me the opportunity to earn additional income without having to travel far.

Niranjan Mandal, Jharkhand

Gochi (red rice) has been preserved by my family for generations and is one of the few rice varieties that grow in 5+ feet of water. We are glad it has found a market in Kolkata, all thanks to ONganic.
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